European Qualification Assurance League In Financial Services

Jan.2008 - Jun.2009 |Erasmus+ | KA2 | Strategic Partnership | Project n. 2006-NL/06/B/F/PP/157613
set up a European Financial Services (FS) Qualifications League to promote the Copenhagen process (particularly EQF) and to ensure that the EQF levels assigned to financial qualifications by national organisations are reliable and consistent throughout Europe.

  • Create a ‘zone of mutual trust’ in the FS sector (as described in the EQF proposals) and establish the League to ensure its continuation.
  • Develop a methodology and a European institution for assuring quality of levelling of FS qualifications by national bodies
  • Promote competition and choice for those seeking training and qualifications, within a single European VET and HE marketplace.
  • Promote higher standards of training and higher standards of practice (including ethics) within the FS sector.
  1. Analysis of the European Banking & Financial Services Sector qualifications and their characteristics in the Partner countries.
  2. A Quality Assurance methodology and system for monitoring, reviewing and endorsing the EQF levels.
  3. A methodology for assigning EQF levels to the FSS qualifications
  4. Several existing financial services sector qualifications levelled against EQF