Mario Spatafora

Secretary General

Benedetta Orlandi Contucci

External Relations

Alessia Spatafora

Project Manager

Giusy Zollerano

Project Manager

Federica D'Acunto

Project Manager Junior



Art.2 Aim

1. Promote and coordinate initiatives related to the management and development of human resources;
2. Conduct research and studies;
3. Carry out training and counseling activities for its Members;
4. Develop collaboration among Associate Members;
5. Analyze new business models for integrated management of human, organizational and technological variables;
6. Promote the deepening of any organizational strategy.

Article 7. Organs
  1. Members of the Assembly;
  2. Strategic Guidance Committee;
  3. Board of Directors;
  4. Executive Board;
  5. President;
  6. Secretary-General.

When assigned to members of the Association, all offices and positions are usually free of compensation.

Article 8. Members of the Assembly

The Assembly is sovereign and independent and it is constituted by All Members.

Among the Assembly's powers we find:

  1. determine the objectives and the general lines of the Association activities;
  2. elect the Board of Directors;
  3. approve the annual financial statement and its accompanying report;
  4. ratify the appointments of the new Counselors under Article 10, paragraphs 2 and 3 of this Statute;
  5. deliberate on amendments to this Statute, on the regulations for the appointment of the executive bodies and on the dissolution of the Association, as envisaged by Articles 14 and 16;
Article 9. Strategic Guidance Committee

The Strategic Guidance Committee is composed of influential experts from the banking sector; it has advisory and guidance functions on the Association activities.

Article 10. Board of Directors
The Association is governed by a Board of Directors, which is composed of (no less than) 11 Members up to (no more than) 25 ones. In order to face special needs, the Board of Directors can also choose, as its Members, individuals belonging to the Ordinary Membership category of the Association; this is true when the BoD has the need to fill up the number of its components to the expected number of 25 units.
    Among the powers of the Board of Directors we find:
  • formulate guidelines useful for the definition of the activities' programs, within the framework of the general guidelines approved by the Assembly;
  • elect, at its first meeting, the President of the Association and/or up to three Vice Chairmen, choosing them within the Members of the Association, that will take their position for a period of three years; appoint the Secretary General of the Association; she/he can also be chosen among non-Members;
  • appoint the Editorial Director and the members of the magazine's editorial committee and/or other publications;
  • vote on applications for new Members of the Association; the entry will be evaluated on the basis of recognized and relevant requirements regarding business and professionalism;
  • determine the amount, conditions and terms of payment of the annual membership fees, adjusting the contribution depending on Memberships' categories;
  • grant the status of Honorary Member;
  • appoint President and Members of the Strategic Guidance Committee;
  • give all appropriate operational powers to the Board;
  • constitute ad hoc project groups for the development and/or the realization of relevant initiatives;
  • authorize the hiring of employees and the purchase of properties;
  • prepare on annual basis a balance sheet or a financial income statement accompanied by a report on operations, in compliance with the legal provisions;
  • provide for the cancellation of the resigning or defaulting members (at least two years' infraction) regarding the payment of the annual membership fee;
  • rule regarding Association's registered office;
  • establish instances, terms and vote-by-correspondence procedures.
Article 11. President
The President holds its seat for three years and can be re-elected. In case of obstacle or hindrance, the President can be substituted by a Vice President. The President:
  1. legally represents the Association;
  2. presides over the Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Executive Board;
  3. fixes agendas and convenes the shareholders' meeting, the Board of Directors and the Executive Board;
  4. oversees the activities of the Association and has the power of signature on the acts;
  5. attribute responsibilities and the related power of signature to the Secretary General of the Association;
Article 12. Executive Board
The Executive Board is composed by a President, Vice President and a Secretary General of the Association. The Executive Board:
  1. operates on the basis of the powers conferred by the same Board of Directors, pursuant to Art. 10 paragraph 8, 9;
  2. decides on applications for membership, then forwarding them to the Executive Council decisions at its first meeting;
  3. authorizes consultancy, professional collaborations, lease of real estate, purchase, lease or sale of movable property.
Article 13. Secretary General

The Secretary-General, appointed by the Board of Directors on proposal of the President, works on the basis of the proxies received by the President, and it shall implement the decisions of the Association's organs. She/he holds ordinary and administrative management of the Association and has the right of signature of the relevant acts and correspondence. She/he shall act as Secretary of the Board functions, the Committee and the Strategic Guidance Committee. Coordinates the Project's Groups and is the editor of the membership magazine.





Head of Industrial Relations, Legislation and Controversy BNL GRUPPO BNP PARIBAS



Head of Training Center DEUTSCHE BANK SPA



Head of "Research, Selection and Training" Office BPER BANCA


Secretary General

Secretary General


  • HR Office Manager DEPOBANK  
  • Staff Direction Office Manager / Vice General Director BANCA DEL PIEMONTE  
    BORELLO Wilma
  • Head of Trade Union and Labour Directorate ABI-Associazione Bancaria Italiana
    BOTTINO Stefano
  • Training, Development and Communication Office Manager CARIGE
    BULLIO Laura
  • Human Resources CREDITO FONDIARIO
    BUSCHINI Stefano
  • HR Office Manager CR CENTO
    LANDI Lucia
  • Development and Training Office Manager BANCO BPM
    LEONI Sabina
  • Learning and Development Experience Office Manager INTESA SANPAOLO
    MANGIA Francesca
  • UBI Academy Director UBI ACADEMY
  • Personnel Service Office Manager BANCA POPOLARE DI SONDRIO
    NEGRI Luigino
  • HR Management Office Manager IVASS
  • Head of Human Resources BANCA D'ITALIA
    PIZZI Paolo


HONORARY MEMBERS Past President Effebi

Those that contribute to achieve the aims of the Association thanks to their prestige and/or their influential collaboration.

They may participate in the Board of Directors, with an advisory capacity.

Past Presidents of the Association are also Honorary Members.

Qualified representatives of companies operating in the banking/financial sector or foreign banks may be appointed Honorary Members too.


  • they can participate to the Board of Directors, and have the faculty of intervention as advisors;
  • qualified representatives of companies operating in the banking/financial sector or foreign banks may be appointed Honorary Members too.

Honorary Members Effebi:

  • Alberici Adalberto (University of Milan and SDA Bocconi)
  • Arzani Carlo (Past President of the Effebi Strategic Guidance Committee - Banca Carige Group)
  • Carbone Luciano (Past President Effebi - Banca Nazionale del lavoro)
  • Durante Giancarlo (ABI Italian Banking Association - President of the Effebi Strategic Guidance Committee)
  • Fois Corrado (Past President Effebi - Banca di Roma)
  • Inglesi Aureliano (Past President Effebi - Monte dei Paschi di Siena)
  • Mottura Paolo (Bocconi University)
  • Musetti Umberto (Past President Effebi - Istituto Mobiliare Italiano)
  • Ottaviano Vincenzo (Past President Effebi - Banco di Sicilia)
  • Ruozi Roberto (Primo Presidente Effebi - Università Bocconi)
  • Simioni Anna (Past President Effebi - Uni Management Unicredit)
  • Spatafora Mario (Past President Effebi - ABI Italian Banking Association)
  • Eliano Omar Lodesani (Past President Effebi - Intesa SanPaolo)
ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Management / Education Consulting Firms

All legal persons, associations or non profit foundations, both Italian and foreigners, sharing similiar aims with the Association and willing to contribute and collaborate to the development of the Association's activities.

a) Big educational / Management Consulting Firm The annual fee of € 2.500,00 includes: 1 subscription to the Effebi Magazine FB-Bank in Training (for two individuals appointed by the company) and potential magazine's additions; Free of charge participation to the Association'activities (workshops/seminars/conferences); Participation to the Annual Effebi Conference.

b) Small/Medium Educational/Management Consulting Firm The annual fee of € 1.500,00 includes: 1 subscription to the Effebi Magazine FB-Bank in Training (for two individuals appointed by the company) and potential magazine's additions; Free of charge participation to the Association'activities (workshops/seminars/conferences); Participation to the Annual Effebi Conference.

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS Professionals or Experts in HR
Individuals, Italian or foreigners that, thanks to their specific expertise, wish to participate in the Association's activities. Note - If you are an employee of a bank or a consulting company, this one must already be an EFFEBI Member. Individual Member (Professional or Expert in HR). The annual fee of € 250,00 includes:
  • 1 subscription to the Effebi Magazine FB-Bank in Training (for two individuals appointed by the company) and potential magazine's additions;
  • Partecipazione gratuita alle attività associative (workshop/seminari/convegni);
  • partecipazione al Convegno Annuale Effebi.
EFFEBI YOUNG University Students

University students that wish to be updated on the Association activities.


  • participate to the Annual Conference, to study debates and workshops promoted by the Association in favour of “EFFEBI Young”;
  • receive a copy of the document “An open window on Europa - Lifelong Learning perspective” and the dépliant “Europe 2020 Lifelong Learning” by Prof. Mario Spatafora, Professor of Organization and HR Management at Master's Degree course in Education - Roma Tre University;
  • formazione Continua del corso di laurea magistrale in Scienze dell’Educazione degli Adulti e Formazione Continua dell’Università Roma Tre;
  • receive copy of the quarterly magazine “FB - Banca inTraining” paper version;
  • access to the reserved area “EFFEBI Young” of Effebi Association website www.asseffebi.eu
In order to become an Effebi Young Member, submit your personal data (including University/faculty enrollment information) and send it to effebi@asseffebi.eu


In order to become a Member of “Effebi Association” you must fill out the MEMBERSHIP FORM corresponding to the type of membership chosen: Honorary Member, Associate Member, Individual Member and Effebi Young. The form must be filled out in any part and sent to Effebi Association via e-mail effebi@asseffebi.eu, or via fax at n. +39 06 36790558.
To receive information on membership's fees: +39 06 36004207 / +39 0636790557 / effebi@asseffebi.eu