Build a more inclusive society supporting ECEC educators for the development of socio emotional competences in pre-school children

Dec. 2019 – Nov. 2022 | Erasmus+ | KA2 | Strategic Partnership | Project n. 2019-1-IS01-KA201-051137


Boosting quality of ECEC educators’ professional profile for a successful development of socio emotional competences for pre-school children to help them fostering awareness in relation to equality and diversity, handling a good transition from different levels and types of education and training and to better seize the professional opportunities and choose their own path in the labor market since an early age.

For this purpose, the project provides early childhood teachers/educators with the necessary teaching and learning instruments and tools (educational toolkit) to support them in developing socio emotional competences (self-esteem, self-confidence, emotions management, empathy, concentration, resilience, communication, creativity, team working, negotiation and resolution of conflict) from the very early childhood (age 0-6)  as a precondition for ensuring that the benefits of early childhood education are carried through other school education levels.


Provide socio emotional competences for early childhood education and care with high quality instruments and tools to support children in acquiring the appropriate socio emotional competences they might lack for:

  • expressing their individual talents and interests that will be developed in later stages of education;
  • creating a more effective relationship with class-mates from disadvantaged backgrounds, and dealing with cultural and linguistic diversity;
  • properly access further levels of education and training (transition from pre-primary to primary education);
  • learning how to organize the environment in order to enable voluntary decisions and autonomy that, in a Montessori education, can promote concentration, self-esteem and resilience.


  • Compendium of good practices in teaching socio emotional competences in early childhood education and care – ECEC (age 0-6);
  • Educational toolkit for early childhood education educators.


Short-term mobility (3 days) for educators from the Partners countries.

Pre-school Educators (2/pre-school) from the project Partner countries will be involved in a short-term learning activity.

During the learning activities educators – adequately selected – will be required to be engaged in:

  • short training activity (2 days)
  • validation activity (1 day);
  • creation of short pedagogical videos (during the 3 days)

Schedule of the Learning activity

According to a rotation system, the Italian and Estonian kindergartens will host educators from pre-schools of the other partner countries.

Educators will be invited to take part to the learning activity that will last a total of 3 days. Moreover, it will be structured in two main parts: fontal classes (2 days) and experimental activity (1 day).

Learning activity results: recording and creating pedagogical videos

  • from DAY1 to DAY3: the hosting pre-school will be in charge to record videos during both the training sessions as well as the testing activity for educators.

The final result will be the creation of a summative emotional-pedagogical video (1/country) summarizing the key moments of the learning activity, such as:

  • instruments, tools and didactic and playful activities illustrated in day 1;
  • impact and benefits of the usage of the different instruments, tools, learning activities;
  • suggestions and improvements from primary school teachers regarding the socio emotional competences early childhood educators has to develop in their children.

The summative video will be afterwards integrated on the pedagogical learning environment developed within intellectual output 3 in order to be easily used by the other pre-schools of the consortium as teaching material.




Heilsuleikskólanum Króki – IS


ONM, Opera Nazionale Montessori – IT

EFFEBI Association – IT

NART, National Association of Resource Teachers – BG

SE, Schola Empirica – CZ

Tallinna Lasteaed Pallipõnn – EE

Gradinita cu Program Prelungit Nr.25 – RO