Bank Insurance Finance

Nov.2009 – Oct.2011 | Erasmus+ | KA2 | Strategic Partnership | Project n.504476-LLP-1-2009-1-PT-LEONARDO-LNW


Promote the application of ECVET to the training provision of the Banking, Insurance and Financial Services Sector.


  • Promote co-operation in Quality Assurance in all sectors of Education and Training in Europe
  • Support improvements in Quality and Innovation in VET System and Institutions.
  • Improve the Quality and to increase the volume of Mobility throughout Europe of people involved in VET and in continuing training.
  • Increase a stronger cooperation among Institutions and Organisations.
  • Improve the transparency and recognition of Qualifications and competences, including those acquired through non-formal and informal learning.


  1. An overview of the ECVET system throughout europe providing:
  • a methodology for assigning ECVET points to existing qualifications;
  • 2 tools:
  • a User Guide for orientation of potential users in the ECVET system;
  • a Vademecum for ECVET Points attribution for training professional and expert.
  1. an ECVET Network.



  • Applicant:
    IFB-The Portuguese Bank Training Institute – PT
  • Partners:
    Scienter – IT

    European Banking & Financial Services Training Association – LU

    IFS-Institute of Financial Services Malta – MT

    Warsaw Institute of Banking – PL