Enhance self-awareness and balance the personalized learning in ESL prevention through a smart learning environment

2016 – 2019 | Erasmus+ | KA2 | Strategic Partnership |Project n. 2016-1-IT02-KA201-024610


The project aims at developing an innovative ICT-based methodological approach in supporting of Early School Leaving (ESL) prevention.

 The Smart Learning Environment proposed is centred on the students’ active participation in the educational processes. Starting from the identification of the main career-oriented soft skills and competences, learners are supported to empower their self-awareness and responsibility in personalizing their learning path using innovative educational ICT-based tools and methods.


  • Fostering students in developing and managing informal skills needed for their educational and professional career;
  • Contributing to the recognition and validation of informal skills;
  • Increasing students’ awareness and responsibility in planning and achieving their own educational goals;
  • Supporting the building of solid bridges between the world of work and education;
  • Promoting and improving a critical and effective use of e-Learning technology within school environment.


  • Transnational Needs Analysis Report on ESL, identifying the concrete problems and challenges and collecting examples of good practices on ESL in the partner countries;
  •  ENABLE Technology Enhanced Methodological Approach on ESL, developing, testing and evaluation of the ENABLE methodological approach starting from the identification of career-oriented soft skills, at the National/Local/EU level, relevant for the job market;
  •  ENABLE Smart Learning Environment, designing and developing the ENABLE ‘environment’ for the creation of innovative and collaborative learning activities based on the Technology Enhanced Learning principles;
  •  Pilot Run and Report, realization of a transnational pilot run with target groups in order to test the learning experiences developed within the ENABLE Project.



Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Federico Caffè – IT


E-CO E-Learning Studio – IT

EFFEBI Association – IT

USR Lazio – IT

Folkuniversitetet Uppsala – SE

Simono Daukantas School – LT

Kaunas Science and Technology Park – LT

RUSE Chamber of Commerce – BG

Lazăr Colegiu Național – RO