An online service to improve Communication Skills in the workplace using branching stories Games

2012 – 2014 | Lifelong Learning Projects – KA3 | 530946-LLP-1-2012-1-GR-KA3-KA3MP


The main aim of ETREES project is to support learners & trainers by developing a service utilising game-based learning & branching through stories to engage learners in first-person learn-by-doing experiences, in online or hybrid learning environments.


  • Promote an innovative game-based learning pedagogy utilising branching stories simulations;
  • Create an ICT-based learning game;
  • Learn contents in the form of 4 learning scenarios formatted as branching stories with re-usable elements;
  • Develop an online service where trainees can register to use the game and monitor their progress, while trainers can register to use the game as a training methodology, and also to develop their own learning content.


  1. A validated online service for learners and for trainers that want to develop their own scenarios through an easy-to-use authoring tool & re-usable content;
  2. An innovative game-based learning methodology;
  3. Four communication skills for online learning scenarios improvement;
  4. Trainers’ & trainees’ guidelines, materials, assessment tools, and usage scenarios.



EFFEBI Association – IT


Promea – EL

SGI-Serious Game Interactive – DK

Paiz Konsulting – PL

University of Ljubliana – SI

DACES-Derbyshire Adult Community Education Service – UK