FIRST – Financial Services EQF – European Quality Assurance Framework Translators in EU

2010-2012 |Transversal Programme | 167148-LLP-1-2009-1-LU-KA1-KA1EQF


Priority/purpose: to interpret the EQF for the Financial Services Sector. FIRST will bring a tailor-made version of EQF descriptors to better capture the work environment of FSS and ease the allocation of EQF levels to FSS competence based qualifications.


  • To provide examples of qualification model as a reference point for the application of EQF levels in the European FSS.
  • To translate the EQF levels descriptors into a common used language easy to be applied in the FSS (Translators).


  1. Creating a tailor made EQF version for the FSS.
  2. Enhancing transparency, recognition of professional qualifications and certificates in FSS.
  3. Fostering the mobility of professionals in FSS by defining practical and meaningful EQF Translators.
  4. Turning the EQF and the level descriptors into a familiar and user friendly reference framework for the community.


  • Coordinator:
    EBTN –  European Banking & Financial   Services Training Association – LU
  • Partners:
    Warsaw Institute of Banking – PL

    Scienter – IT

    Romanian Banking Institute – RO

    IFB-The Portuguese Bank Training Institute – PT

    The Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland – UK

    IFS- Institute of Financial Services Malta – MT

    Malta’s National Qualification Framework – MT

    BSEL- Berlin School of Economics & Law – DE