Learn STEM

Learn STEM
Innovative STEM learning in schools

Nov. 2017- Apr. 2020 | Erasmus+ | KA2 | Strategic Partnerships| Project n. 2017-1-NL01-KA201-035232


The project aims at strengthening secondary schools capacity to develop skills in subjects such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics through innovative and interactive pedagogical methods and approaches.
The project will provide schools with tools and a pedagogical Model to support pupils to connect with the ‘real-life’ applications of STEM, in particular related to Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics, which represent two very popular sectors in the technological field.


    • addressing underachievement in math, science and literacy through effective and innovative teaching and assessment;

    • fostering critical thinking especially through teaching science in environmental and/or cultural context;

    • increase the awareness of secondary schools, VET providers, teachers, students, policy makers concerning existing experiences of innovative technologies and pedagogies for effectively teaching STEM subjects at school;


Expected Results:

  • Define the LEARN STEM Pedagogical Model;
  • Develop the inquiry learning package;
  • Identify concrete training needs and opportunities for
    STEM Teachers;
  • Define training curriculum, contents, delivery and assessment tools;
  • Develop the LEARN STEM learning environment;
  • Validation of the LEARN STEM online learning environment..



  • Applicant:
    Open Education and Innovation Welten Institute – NL
  • Partners:
    Agora Roermond – NL

    Kaunas Science and Technology Park – LT

    Kaunas S. Daukantas P. – LT

    Effebi Association – IT

    TH Wildau University – DE

    Madan Parque – PT

    Emídio Navarro – PT

    Eekhoutcentrum – BE