Triple E

Triple “E” Qualification – Eqf, Ecvet, Eqavet

Oct..2013 – Sep.2015 | Erasmus+ | KA2 | Strategic Partnership | Project n.538975-LLP-1-2013-1-BE-LEONARDO-LMP


Contribute to the development of sectoral Qualifications (national and European) Systems by incorporating ECVET (European Certification system for Vocational Education and Training) technical specifications, according to the EU specific Recommendation.


  • Analyze and evaluate the good practices on the planning, development and implementation of vocational qualifications within the FSS.
  • Develop operational and transferable methods and guidelines for the sectorial qualification planning in learning outcomes (EQF), with the assignment of ECVET points based on specific ECVET techniques, in line with the EQAVET instructions.
  • Plan quality standards, evaluation criteria and tools for the application of this system to the FSS qualifications.
  • Test the Guidelines for the Triple E Qualification planning, and the quality standards for the ECVET system application.


  • Guidelines for defining sectoral Triple E Qualifications.
  • Quality standards for the ECVET implementation.
  • Concrete example of Triple E Qualification (revised EFCB Certificate).


  • Applicant:
    EBTN European Banking & Financial Services Training Association – BE
  • Partners:
    Associazione EFFEBI – ITWarsaw Institute of Banking – PL

    Hellenic Bank Association – GR

    Romanian Banking Institute – RO

    Frankfurt School for Finance & Management – DE

    ABIFormazione – IT

    The Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland – UK

    MUBE-Malta Union of Bank Employees – MT

    IBE- Institute of Banking Education of the National Bank of Slovakia – SK