Boosting School Awareness about FOod loSs

Dec. 2021 – Feb. 2024 | Erasmus+ | KA2 | Strategic Partnership | Project n. 2021-1-NL01-KA220-SCH-000034410


Food loss is a huge problem in the European Union: every year, more than 88 million tons of waste is produced this way, causing around 143 billion euros loss in associated costs.
To tackle this issue requiring transnational action, European legislators adopted legislation and a specific strategy to monitor wastage during the supply chain process and accelerate the transition to a sustainable food system.

BAFOS aims to encourage student in investigating the causes and consequences of food loss. Moreover, learners will be motivated to become advocates against food waste in their communities by using the content developed for the online videogame “Minecraft: Education edition”.



  • Enhance target groups awareness on the importance of avoiding food waste;
  • Create guidelines ready to use in order to learn how to avoid wasting food;
  • Create a digital environment that can be used at school;
  • Make school more engaging by using Minecraft;
  • Use student-centered teaching methods in schools;
  • Encourage individuals to lower daily food waste (through the cycle to know-> to care of -> to act).


  • Develop transnational research on food waste;
  • Create a food waste Adventure on platform “Minecraft: Education Edition”.



Stichting Onderwijs Midden Limburg (SOML)- Netherlands

ATERMON B.V.- Netherlands
Finance& Banking, Associazione per lo Sviluppo Organizzativo e delle Risorse Umane (Effebi)- Italy
Asociación de Consultores y Formadores de España en Seguridad Alimentaria- Spain
Private School Themistoklis S.A.- Greece
Committee of Dublin West Education Centre- Ireland
Associazione Italiana Acquisti e Supply Management (ADACI)- Italy